The fund's goal is to give its shareholders a share-like return with the security of capital protection and that the yield between return and risk – the risk-adjusted return – should be better than the MSCI World Index.

In order to achieve this objective, fund wealth will be placed partly in secured bonds issued by States and cash ("Passive Part") and placed in total return swap and other financial derivative instruments ("Active Part").

The distribution between the Active and Passive Part will change over time as a function of market development. As the active part is invested in a total return swap and or other financial derivative instruments, it is important to distinguish between exposure and market valuation. The fund's returns and financial risk are primarily derived from the stock market and the compliance with the market will be equivalent to the stock market during certain periods.

The Passive Part has a long maturity and creates capital protection which at any given time protects against falling stock markets in order to limit the bottom of the Fund. The cost of protection will be partly financed by limiting the possibility of an increase in the short term. Over time, the limited downside will lower the risk and provide an opportunity to leverage interest on interest to achieve share returns.

In the Active Part, the Fund takes long and short positions mainly equity-related derivative instruments. Trading in different derivative instruments is part of the Fund's work.

For more detailed information about theFund please refer to the fact sheet and the information brochure .

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