Crescit's Board of Directors


Lauri Vaittinen - Chairman of the Board

Lauri Vaittinen has been a member of Crescit's Board of Directors since spring 2019 and represents Mandatum Life's ownership. Lauri is the CEO of Mandatum Asset Management and is responsible for advisory, risk control and R&D. Lauri holds an M.Sc Finance from Helsinki School of Economics and has published several academic papers in the field of Cross Asset Signals and Time Series Momentum.


Jonas Granholm - Managing Director

Mr. Jonas Granholm is the CEO of Crescit Asset Management AB and is responsible for the portfolio’s management. Previously he was the global manager of the Skanska group’s pension funds. Mr. Granholm has long experience of board work in various companies and foundations, risk control functions and investment research from his years managing Skanska ABs Swedish pension funds. Mr. Granholm pursued his advanced studies in finance at Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden) and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA). He earned his MBA from Hanken School of Economics (Finland).


Christer Franzén - CEO Ericsson Pension Foundation

Christer Franzén has been a board member of Crescit since 2013. He is also the contact person on the Board in relation to the risk function and responsible for conflicts of interest. Christer is CEO of Ericsson Pension Foundation. Christer has a long and solid experience in portfolio management. Educated as an MBA from Örebro University and financial studies at Southern Methodist University – Cox School of Business.


Gustav Lundeborg

Mr. Gustav Lundeborg is the deputy CEO of Crescit Asset Management AB and is responsible for the portfolio’s management. Previously, he was the manager of Skanska AB’s Swedish pension funds. Prior to that, Mr. Lundeborg was a fixed income and FX-dealer at Skanska for several years. He earned his M.Sc in Business and Economics from Uppsala University (Sweden).


Carl Nordberg

Mr. Carl Nordberg is a board member of Crescit Asset Management AB and is also within the board responsible for the fund company’s compliance function. For more than a decade now Mr. Nordberg has worked as a portfolio manager responsible for investments in hedge funds and FX at Postens pensionsstiftelse. Previously Mr. Nordberg worked at Länsförsäkringar Bank and before that at Nordea Securities. Mr. Carl Nordberg holds a master degree in business from Stockholm University.

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