The compliance function reports directly to the board of directors and is independent of Crescit’s operations. The compliance function is a permanent part of Crescit’s organisation.

The Board has appointed the law firm Apriori (“Apriori”) with lawyer Marie Friman responsible for the Compliance function. Crescit and Apiori have signed an agreement governing the scope and responsibilities of the mission. The compliance function’s main responsibilities consist of protection of investors, behaviour in the market, prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing as well as permission and regulatory issues. With regard to these responsibilities the compliance function obviously fulfils numerous tasks in Crescit’s business.

The compliance function should, if necessary, cooperate and coordinate its responsibilities with the risk function and the internal audit function.

For a detailed description of the compliance function’s responsibilities and duties, a potential investor can take part of the information in the operating guidelines for the compliance function that can be obtained from the fund company.

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