Crescit is a special fund focusing on the stock market, which means that the fund has expanded opportunities to place the fund's funds in derivative instruments and mutual fund shares. The fund's goal is to create an annual positive return to its unit-holders. The fund's return shall be less volatile than the general development of the stock market over time. Crescit is based in the interest rate and bond market, but also uses stock index-based derivative strategies. The Fund combines these financial derivative instruments on stock indices with bonds that, in the manager's view, are most favourable at any given time. The Fund uses derivative instruments (including OTC derivatives) as part of the investment orientation. With the help of derivative instruments, the Fund can create a so-called leverage effect. The fund uses short selling. Fund funds may be invested in bonds and other debt securities issued by companies, States, municipalities, state or municipal authorities or by any intergovernmental body, with low credit worthiness. The Fund may place a significant share of the fund wealth in other funds. The Fund does not have a benchmark index, but compares itself in its administration instead with three months of Swedish treasury bill.

As a general rule, the minimum attitude is SEK 10,000,000. The Fund offers monthly liquidity.

For more detailed information about theFund please refer to the fact sheet and the information brochure .

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