Crescit Fund

The CRESCIT fund is an innovative special fund authorised to manage alternative investment funds as well as authorisation for discretionary management of investment portfolios under the Law (2013:561) on alternative investment funds managers ("LAIF") . Special funds are able to have a more free placement regulations than ordinary mutual funds.

Crescit is a Swedish special fund that is developed as a share substitute in a Swedish pension fund. The Fund's objective is to create an annual positive return to its shareholders. The fund's returns should be less volatile than the general stock market developments over time.

The fund has three return drivers: derivatives on stock indices, interest-bearing instruments and trend-following models. Our investments are mainly made in derivative instruments with exposure to different exchanges around the world. By spreading investments across different markets, fluctuations, or risk, in the Fund's total portfolio can be reduced without lower returns. The managers work on an investment horizon that is essentially 18 months for each individual derivative position.

The Fund's investments over time are aimed at achieving a more even and higher risk-adjusted return than the corresponding stock market index. We strive to have high co-variation with stock indices in upswing phases and low or negative correlation in times of decline for stock indices.

As a general rule, we apply a minimum initial investment of SEK 10.000.000. The fund is open at each monthly parcel for purchase and redemption of fund units.

For more in-depth information about the fund please read our factsheet and information brochure, which can be found here.

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