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The fund company

We are an independent fund management company that is supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. The business is conducted at Brahegatan 20 in Stockholm since April 2013, where we manage the special fund Crescit. Since April 2014, Crescit Asset Management AB has the new AIFMD permit. Already during the fund's first year of operation, SEK 1 billion was passed under management.

Crescit’s business idea is to exploit the equity market’s underlying long-term growth through equity index derivatives. We consistently work with extensive protection for negative market outcomes in order to preserve capital for when positive markets come.


Thorough diversification is vital in order to minimize the impact of stock market ”noise” – what we call “risk on or risk off”. Our strength is that each derivative position’s risk is managed individually. Over time, the goal is that our craft will achieve a return in excess of the underlying equity index to a significantly lower risk.

We want to give our investors the best possible service. It is easy to get in touch with us and we always perform our work as best and quickly as we can.

Heartily welcome to hear from you!

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